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About Me

Hello! My name is Adam Turaj. I am a Canadian-based front-end freelancer. Between my high school studies and personal life, I spend lots of time programming for clients and open-source projects.

I have worked with many different technologies and frameworks. My main focus is React and Next.js though I am a big fan of Python. I am also spending a lot of time learning new languages and frameworks.

Somethings I have built

Featured Project

A simple, async API wrapper for the Amari API.

Built using Python, Aiohttp

Featured Project

Physics Playground

A fun playground to play with squares and circles. You will most likely come across bugs due to the short time constraint of the project.

Built using Three.JS, Cannon.JS, Next.JS, Typescript, HTML, CSS

Featured Project

ServerKnight Bot

A Discord bot keeping Discord servers safe from bad actors while providing helpful tools.

Built using Python,

Featured Project

Server Knight

The website showcasing the Discord bot Server Knight. This is also the first website I have created.

Built using HTML, Javascript, Express.JS, CSS, Bootstrap, EJS

Contact Me

My inbox is always open to new opportunities, questions or just saying hi. I provide flexible prices and am mostly always available for a new project. I hope to hear from you soon, this is the first step to a new opportunity!